Carlotti, et al. v. ASUS Computer International, et al.

Case No.: 4:18-cv-03369

United States District Court for the Northern District of California

Claim Deficiency Response

If you received a personalized Claim Deficiency Notice via email with a Notice ID and Confirmation Code, please enter the codes you were provided below.

Please remember to enter the full Notice ID exactly as it appears in your email with Claim Deficiency Notice, (i.e. ABC12345678). Please do NOT use the codes that you received in January before submitting your claim. Only the Confirmation Code that you received in your email with Claim Deficiency Notice on May 12, 2020 will work.

You submitted a Group Claim and it is deficient. You are required to provide a valid serial number or valid proof of purchase.You are required to provide a valid serial number.

You have the option to select Group A or Group C. Group A Class Members may receive a Credit Certificate for $210.00 or a Cash Payment of $110.00. Group C Class Members may receive a Credit Certificate for $105.00 or a Cash Payment of $55.00. By choosing Group A, you consent to an inspection of your Laptop subject to certain conditions.

I select:

I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that:

  1. My Laptop suffered from the Power Defect and/or the Overheating Issue;
  2. The information provided in this Claim Form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief;
  3. The additional documentation and information provided to the Claim Administrator to support my Claim is original or else a complete and true copy of the original(s);
  4. I am not (a) a Person who purchased or acquired the Laptop for resale purposes; (b) an employee, principal, legal representative, successor, or and assign of Defendants or their affiliated entities; (c) a government entity; (d) the mediator in this case or any member of his immediate family; nor (e) a judge to whom this Action is assigned, or any member of the judge’s immediate family;
  5. I have not submitted any other Claim for the same purchase and have not authorized any other Person or entity to do so, and know of no other Person or entity having done so on my behalf;
  6. I understand that by not opting out of the Settlement, I have given a complete Release of all Released Claims; and
  7. I understand that Claims will be audited for veracity, accuracy, and fraud. Claims Forms that are not valid and/or legible can be rejected.

Your Claim Deficiency Form has been submitted successfully.

HOWEVER, it appears one or more of the documents you uploaded were not successfully received. Please see below, you can send your documents with your Submitted Claim ID to the Settlement Administrator by email to:

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